Revive your audience

Detect worthy user segments and engage them along marketing funnel

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Talk to your users like you really know who they are.

Datapolia helps you reactivate users stuck somewhere in the conversion journey.


Get new audiences

Find hidden yet promising audiences.


Automate audience updating

Stop moving customer lists between the tools. Get real time and secure audience sync.


Plug holes in marketing

Track omnichannel conversion journeys and optimize them.

Give your campaigns a boost

Design more pleasant conversion funnels with deeper custom audiences.


Be present along the funnel

Target your messages to those who fulfill specific behavioral criteria. Stop wasting money on disinterested audiences. Engage larger portion of your traffic.


Audiences based on unified datasource.

One database with all user behaviors from various channels to help you create better targeting profiles.

Manage custom audiences easier.

Get access to customers you haven't previously reached.

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    Event-level user tracking

    Datapolia tracks individual behaviors of individual people, rather than superficial and derivative metrics such as sessions or visits. Real people and their actions.

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    Integrations with 25 marketing tools

    We integrate with Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Constant Contact, Facebook Ads, Facebook Lead Ads, LinkedIn Lead Ads and others.

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    Secure identity resolution

    Every marketing signal is mapped to a particular person in a secure way.

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Pricing Plans.

Our plans are designed to meet the requirements of both beginners and players. Get the right plan that suits you.

Two channels

Icon $49.00/mo
  • Event-level user tracking on your website and one additional channel
  • Up to 5 segments monthly


Icon $119/mo
  • Datapolia on a dedicated subdomain
  • Integrations with all marketing tools
  • Unlimited segments


Start now and plug holes in your marketing funnel. Currently Datapolia is available only for Datomni customers. Sign up below to get notified once we launch an open beta.